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Building a Place of Worship

A couple of years ago, a man in my hometown began hosting church services in his home. At first, his congregation was small. However, it quickly grew. As a result, this man recently hired a contractor to construct a building for his congregation to meet in. Has attendance at your place of worship increased recently? Perhaps, you need more space in your church during weekly meetings. Consider hiring an experienced contractor to build a new place of worship for your church’s members. Once the new building is constructed, you might wish to use the old one for church social gatherings. Rather than constructing a new building, you may want to simply add on to the existing structure. On this blog, I hope you will discover how a contractor can make your church more comfortable for everyone attending it. Enjoy!

The Simple Safety Rules Of Keeping A Walk-In Cooler Safe In Your Commercial Kitchen

Having a walk-in cooler on site in your commercial kitchen is one of those conveniences that is hard to imagine daily operation without. However, housing a commercial kitchen also means that you have new responsibilities to keep your employees safe in an area where there are definitely new hazards. To ensure that safety hazards and dangerous situations never come about for your employees in the cooler of your commercial kitchen, there are a few simple safety rules that you should always bear in mind. Read More 

Lights, Camera, Action! How To Prep Your Garage For Becoming A Home Theater

Thinking about turning your garage into a home theater? It can be a great way to use the space and add some new life to an old house. So, how do you go about getting it ready for cinematic fun? Insulate It Making the new home theater comfortable enough to enjoy spending hours sitting around will likely call for new insulation measures to keep it warm or cool. If you live in a relatively moderate climate, you may be able to just add insulation between the studs on the walls before hanging some drywall to cover them up. Read More 

4 Common Fence Mistakes To Avoid Around Your Pool

Building a fence for your swimming pool or spa is not only a good idea but may also be required by law. But before you begin digging and cutting, it's important to know how to avoid the common mistakes of pool fencing. Construction Flaws Make sure your fence is placed on solid ground that is not sloped or subject to heavy rain runoff. Settling or erosion of the soil can make the fence sag or bulge, resulting in an ugly, unstable fence or a gate that doesn't latch properly. Read More 

Want Better Home Security? Start In The Garage

Making the family home more secure is a goal of nearly every homeowner. But not enough people pay attention to how secure or insecure their garage may be. The result can be several points of easy access for thieves -- both when the family is at home and when they are on vacation. Here are 5 ways you can make your garage and home safer on any budget.  Ditch the Car Remote. Read More 

Decorative Options You Can Choose When Customizing Your Shower Stall

When you have the desire to makeover your shower stall, you should consider different decorative options. Many of these options will allow you to create a shower stall that will be a stylish addition to your bathroom. Archway One design option you have is to forgo the traditional square-framed door and go with an archway design. With an archway design, you have flat sides and bottom, while the top has a slight curve. Read More